Epilicious ready to be localised

The current version in BZR, that’d be version 0.8pre1, has internationalisation support. Currently there’s only one language, Swedish, but I’m looking forward to receiving onther languages to add to the list. (I’m more than happy to receive any pointers regarding the language in epilicious, be it English, Swedish, or any other language.)

The actual implementation was very straight forward, basically I copied what’s in Python’s gettext documentation. I read some other documents as well, just to know what I was getting myself into :) The GNOME developers have two documents worth reading. The first one, internationalising GNOME applications, contains what you need to know about internationalising the different types of source files in a GNOME application. The second contains localisation guidelines for developers, it’s not as technical as the first but it’s a good complement to the first.

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