The Eindhoven trip -- the full story

We are amazingly lucky Dita and me. We have some amazing friends and we got to spend Christmas and New Years with them this year. On the 21st I took half a day off and went into Cambridge to meet Dita and pick up a hired car. The next morning (night) we got up at 3am and drove down to Stansted to catch the 6:45 plane to Eindhoven. We arrived on time in the spanking new terminal building in Eindhoven. At least something had changed since we moved.

We went to Aissa to have my hair cut, Dita took the opportunity to catch up on what’s happened since she left TNT. In the evening we went to the cinema and saw [Narnia][1]. The next day, Friday, we went to Aachen to catch the last day of the Christmas market. In the evening we met up with Felix and Siarhei at Trafalgar. Good beer, good conversation. Interesting to hear the latest on what’s going on at Philips in general and research in particular

The next two days were filled with “Christmas stuff”. Cooking food, eating food, Tim had some excellent wines, and good friends came visiting. All in all an excellent Christmas!

The days in between Christmas and New Year’s were either filled with activities. We had friends and ex-colleagues to visit, we went to Belgium (twice) and of course we went shopping. All the time it felt just a little bit strange. We were in Eindhoven, but we didn’t live there. Weird feeling somehow.

For New Year’s Eve we ended up in Belgium again, ’t Hoeveke in Peer. Yet another good nice evening that was over too soon. True to tradition we went to the cinema on New Year’s Day. We saw The Constant Gardner, a very good movie, well worth the admission.

For our last evening in Eindhoven this time around we went to Touch of India with our hosts. A perfect ending to a very good holiday. I hope it won’t take too long until we can go back… or until we have visitors. [1]:

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