The first couple of days in Holland

It’s great being here. Dita and I are both enjoying it immensely. We’re experiencing all the Dutch quirkiness without being irritated by it.

How about this for the first 2 days?

  1. Wreckless driving on the motorway. Of course I honked and made rude gestures when passing the clueless driver.
  2. Strange pricing strategy. For some reason they’ve started charging for time schedules for the bus. EUR2 for a booklet containing schedules for all the lines in Eindhoven. There are no longer schedules for the individual lines like there used to be. Just how this helps in making more people leave their car at home and use public transport is beyond me.
  3. Customer service, Dutch style. I ordered a glass of beer in a bar. The glass I got had a crack down one side, something a friend pointed out to me. I asked the bartender for a new glass and he promptly poured the beer into a new glass. Need I say I filtered the rest of that beer through my teeth?

Besides laughing at this type of incidents we’ve also had some great time with our friends here. We spent a day wandering around the Christmas market in Aachen. We’ve seen a couple of Christmas markets in the UK, but the Germans are still the unbeaten masters.

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