PCSpecialist delivered perfectly!

I’ve now had a new computer, a desktop, for a little more than a week. I’ve held off praising PCSpecialist until I know if they’re really worth it. They are! As I mentioned I put together a computer online. The site says it’ll take about 10 working days, 11 working days later I was unpacking the computer. I especially liked the text message I got when they shipped it off to me, it brightened up an otherwise rather dull meeting :). They shipped exactly what I ordered, and everything worked fine. There was only one little snag—the screen came with a European style plug. It wasn’t really a problem since we have numerous converters at home, but I can imagine others would find it a bit more irritating. I’ve contacted them about it and I am waiting for a response. Stay tuned for an update…


Just realised I had forgotten my update here ;)

They promptly sent a new cable for me, no charge. It arrived in about 2 days. Brilliant.

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