Christmas markets in London

We went to London today, the destination was the Finnish Christmas market. We parked by the Millenium Dome since the market was held just next to Excel. At first it looked like no one was there, then we went around a corner and saw the hidden queue of more than 75 people. For some strange reason the market was held in a floating hotel and apparently it was full. A “one-out, one-in” policy was in effect. We spent 5 minutes queueing before we realised we wouldn’t survive as we were both starving and the queue didn’t move at all. We went to Tower Gate and found a Subway, then onto Marylebone and the Swedish Church’s Christmas market. Quite a nice little market. A few stalls with Christmas-related trinkets and food, all Swedish of course. Everything was quite over-prized of course—as expected. £10 pounds for a box of Paradis, in Sweden we bought the same thing for SEK45—a third of the prize! Well, it was a little more expensive than I expected, really. We picked up some stuff for gifts and a really nice knife for buttering bread. The highlight was the little cafe, great coffe, absolutely divine “kanelbulle” and good sandwiches.

So, in short. Finnish Christmas market: pants! Swedish Christmas market: good coffee!


Hey nice to see someone else from Camborne on here!

Christmas Markets

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