New computer ordered

Well, this whole thing with my laptop really didn’t work out at all! Royal Mail wouldn’t pay up (and unfortunately they seem to have a good reason not to) so now I’m sitting here with laptop that has both a broken screen and milk on the motherboard. It’ll be anything from £300 to £700 to have it repaired. Given that I payed £600 for it I’ve decided to cut my losses and go buy myself a desktop instead. It’s just a much better proposition to spend £20 for a new keyboard the next time my fingers get buttery.

I surfed over to PCSpecialist and put together a PC for myself. I did consider ordering the parts and put it all together myself, but I just couldn’t be bothered this time around. Also, last time I bought a PC building kit I ended up having to force the CDRW into the case. It pushed onto the mother board, and I was quite worried about the fact that I had to bend it. Didn’t want to run into something similar, or even worse, again.

This time around I did a bit of research on the store though and they checked out. I just found out that Technorati is another place to check for peoples’ experience with stores. Now I’m playing the waiting game. 7 working days and counting. It shouldn’t take more than 10 working days, but who knows.

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