USB storage in Breezy

I wrote a post on using udev together with Gnome Volume Manager (GVM). My recent upgrade to Ubuntu Breezy revealed that my hack was just that, a hack, and a bad hack at that. It doesn’t work in Breezy!

It turns out there’s a right way of doing this—use HAL! As so often I could have saved some time by simply reading the comments in the configuration files in /etc. (BTW, this is exactly the reason why I love Debian/Ubuntu. The configuration files are their own documentation. Brilliant, simply brilliant.) Anyway, playing around a little with HAL’s fdi files wasn’t a bad thing I guess. In the end I retired my udev setup from my earlier post and put the following lines in /etc/hal/fdi/policy/local.fdi:

  <match key="volume.uuid" string="60CA-2822">
    <merge key="storage.automount_enabled_hint"

This hint is honoured by GVM and the device isn’t mounted.

RedHat published quite a useful introduction to hal. The hal specification is also a good place to find information.

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