Family visiting

Here I am, at the end of an amazingly great week. My Mum, my sister Karin, her partner Erik and their daughter Thea have been spending the last week with us here in Cambourne.

It started last Friday. They arrived later at night, but the plane was slightly early so when Dita and I walked through the doors they were already through all checks and looking around for us. They hired a car, and I was supposed to lead the drive back from Stanstead. Due to a miscommunication I ended up behind him instead (though thankfully Dita was in the car). Then Erik missed an exit in a roundabout and unknowingly I passed them. Thinking that I was still behind I sped up. I heard later that it was quite an eventful ride, Erik driving on the “wrong” side for the first time and there was a problem with the windscreen so all of a sudden he couldn’t see past the bonnet.

Saturday we all went into Cambridge. The weather wasn’t too bad. We spent the day just walking around looking at the buildings.

On Sunday we all jumped into our car and drove down towards London. To Erik the main attraction of England is football, and he had bought tickets for Arsenal vs. Newcastle. The rest of us spent time at IKEA in Edmonton, eating meatballs and Thea tried out the play grounds.

Dita and I both took Monday and Tuesday off to get to spend more time with our family. These days we had real luck with the weather. Monday we took off towards the east coast, past Ipswich. We ended up spending the day in Aldeburgh, and before driving back we stopped for coffee in Thorpeness. Both beautiful places. Tuesday we decided to stay closer to home. The morning we spend at the Shepreth Wildlife Park. We had to drag Thea away from the playground in order to go get some lunch. Afterwards we drove up to Ely and spent the afternoon walking around the cathedral and down by the river.

On Wednesday Dita and I reluctantly went back to work. Thursday evening, being their last evening in Cambridge this time around, we went out to Nando’s to eat some spicy chicken.

They’re flying back tonight so we had to say our goodbyes this morning. We’ve had such a great time, and it’s been wonderful seeing them all again. Hopefully it won’t be too long until the next time.

We’ve put up some pictures we took during the week:

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