Day in Oxford, June 17, 2005

The last day of my Dad’s and Kristina’s stay we spent checking out Oxford. Taking off rather late in order to avoid any peak hour traffic we didn’t arrive until just in time for lunch. The day was perfect, sun shining, but not terribly warm. Great for exploring a city.

We dropped in at the Museum of Oxford. A typical local museum telling the story of the city and the university. It’s almost too much information contained in the relatively few rooms. Items and informational texts all over the place, after a while we did skim over things. It should also be noted that they don’t have a toilet for visitors, the closest one is apparently in the Town Hall.

Then we strolled down to Christ Church. After a few fotographs, and looking at a group of Japanese tourists we coughed up the £4.50 per person and went in. After taking in the atmosphere of the place, especially the Hall, we went looking for a place to eat. The folder we had picked up at the tourist information mentioned a place called Chutney on St. Michael Street. We found it, but was immediately put down by the lack of prices on the menu displayed outside. A quick look at the menu inside revelead the place was expensive, for an Indian restaurant. That was probably the reason for the covered-up prices outside. Just up the same street we found a place called Makan La, with Malay food. Reasonable prices, and it turned out the food was good as well!

On the way back we passed time by counting the roundabouts. 45!!

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