udev update

In this post I described my udev setup. The one drawback with using udev that way is that I need to cll pmount manually everytime. Yesterday I stumbled across some posts on the the Ubuntu mailing list and I’ve started liking Gnome’s Volume Manager a little better since.

Using e2label I set the label on my ext2 partition. This causes pmount to mount the partition using that name.

Then of course I didn’t want the device itself (/dev/sda in most cases) to be mounted. As an experiment I modified my udev rule to only apply to the device:

BUS="usb", SYSFS{serial}="070B000514B09F0", KERNEL="sd?", NAME="%k", \

As expected having udev add the link somehow prevents pmount from mounting the device.

Now all that is left is to set the label of the VFAT partition on my USB stick.

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