NTLM HTTP authentication proxy

I was looking around for a way to get a Python SOAP client to access a web service hosted in such a way that NTLM authentication was needed. Lacking any indication of built in support in SOAPpy to handle this I turned to trusted old Google. I found this, a small NTLM HTTP authentication proxy written in Python.

Configuration was a breeze, After putting in the domain (NT_DOMAIN) and the user (USER), skipping password (PASSWORD) since it can be done interactively it didn’t quite work. I had to tweak the values for LM_PART, NT_PART, and NTLM_FLAGS, setting them to 1, 1, and 07820000 respecitvely.

I performed my testing downloading the WSDL file using wget.


muchas gracias for this post!

i was about to give up to connect from python urllib to a webserver using NTLM (using the same proxy) your settings made my day!

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