Weekend in London, May 28-30, 2005

We took advantage of the end-of-May bank holiday and went to visit Andy (now called Andreas apparently ;-) in London. Well, Twickenham to be exact.

We took off on Saturday morning by bus from Cambourne. We were a bit worried whether the bus would come or not. The night before we tried to go to the Cambridge beer festival but neither the 18:16 nor the 19:16 bus ever showed. No beer for us this year then ;-) Luckily there was a bus on Saturday morning and we had no problem catching the coach to London.

It was great seeing Andy again we spent a lot of time just catching up. Quite a lot has happened since we met the last time in 2000, just after we moved to the Netherlands. Besides talking over coffe/beer/dinner we also managed to take in a show on Saturday evening. The Producers was well worth seeing. Funny and witty as only Mel Brooks can be. With an amazing amount of lines “borrowed” from movies, both his own and others.

Sunday we went to the National Gallery. We decided to see the impressionists. It’s an amazingly good idea to make museums free, it means you don’t feel any obligation to go through the whole collection. Instead you can choose a part of it, making sure you don’t get museum fatigue. Of course it does help knowing that the museum isn’t too far away to make another visit in the not so distant future. We didn’t know that Westminster Abbey is closed on Sundays so we were forced to save that for another visit.

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