Restaurant, Nando's in Cambridge

We made our first visit to Nando’s today, after seeing Episode III. The restaurant is located next to the cinema in the Cambridge Leisure Park. Besides that there seems to be no free parking it’s a reasonably good location.

The food is OK, nothing to write home about, but definately good enough for another visit. Especially when considering the price. Unless your extremely hungry–hungry enough to eat a whole chicken– you’ll find the prices to be between £5 and £7. The drinks are bottomless and you can get bottomless icecream as well :-)

What they serve is chicken. There is one steak dish on the menu, but it’s there with a disclaimer–not all Nando’s restaurants offer it! We had chicken, Dita took the quarter grilled chicken, hot, I had the chicken pita, lemon and herb. Hot is reasonably hot, Dita could probably have handled the extreme without with too much problems. They also have hot peri-peri-based sauces for added spicyness. We spent £13.65 for us both, with drinks, no desert.

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